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About us

RECUTHERM s.r.o. is a relatively young company, nevertheless we have been browsing in the field of waste heat recovery for many years. During this time we gained experience we decided to apply in our own project. The project in which we could realize ourselves and into which we could bring our own ideas and knowledge. From the first, we could say a garage prototype, we have got to a sophisticated device which can help many companies save not only money but also the environment.

Our company deals with development and manufacture of waste heat recovery units.

Every project opens with a detailed measure of the input parameters (mainly volume, humidity and temperature of the exhaust heat) directly at customer’s place. Afterwards an analysis of the measured values is created, followed by selecting an appropriate type of the recovery unit – a suitable heat exchanger.

On the basis of the energy potential balance of the exhaust heat we propose a most convenient solution for its recovery so as we achieved a maximal heat usage.

Our recovery units are controlled by a specially programmed control software which we developed in cooperation with professionals in this field and which is based on Simatic automation system of Siemens.

Our waste heat recovery unit can be integrated without any intervention into your technology by means of a so-called bypass. There is a number of special parts inside our device which permanently control the unit and keep your technology safe.

The recovery units are equipped with special heat exchangers that also serve as a filter. At the moment of their clogging, this is automatically detected and an automatic rinse cleans the filter.