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Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Our recovery units are primarily used for waste heat recovery. They are manufactured from parts of highest quality. Each recovery unit has its own specially programmed control software (developed by us) based on Simatic automation system of Siemens. This guarantees reliability and easy configurability of the system.

Diagram of the recuperator connection


  • recovery unit can be used for flue gases of max. 450 °C
  • suitable for flue gases without dust particles


  • recovery unit can be used for flue gases of max. 230 °C
  • suitable for flue gases with high volume of dust particles

Our recovery units are constructed in the way so as everybody could operate them. The unit has a few levels of service, from operator levels up to maximal editing. Also the installation of the unit is not difficult. Our device is integrated by means of a so-called bypass which helps us not to interfere into your system and therefore your technology operation doesn’t need to be paused.

There are many special parts inside our device guaranteeing the safety of your technology. The recovery units are equipped with special exchangers which also fulfil the function of cleanable filters. Once the filters are clogged, this is immediately detected and the automatic rinse will clean the filters. Our recovery system can be used also in a very dusty environment.

Before installation of Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Before installation of Waste Heat Recovery Unit

After installation of Waste Heat Recovery Unit

After installation of Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Areas of usage

Thanks to their compact dimensions, our recovery units can be used in many fields of industry, eg:

  • Bakeries
  • Paint shops
  • Compressor rooms
  • Foundries
  • Paper mills
  • Glass factories
  • Powder paint shops
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Machine tools
  • Food processing
  • Other applications where an exhaust heat arises.

Possibilities of usage

  • Domestic hot water – shower rooms, cleaning
  • Back to your technology – flushing, preheating
  • Air heating – halls, warehouses
  • Buildings heating – hot-water systems

Save money and environment

Our waste heat recovery units are always made to measure so as to achieve a soonest return on investment possible. It is our goal so as the device started generating you money as soon as possible. We cooperate with experts in subsidies segments. If there is a possibility of reaching a subsidy, we will handle all paperwork for you to help you to get a significant amount of your investment back.

Thanks to our waste heat recovery units you will save the money by means of reusing the waste heat from your technology which would otherwise stay unused. You save not only money but also the environment since less flue gases and waste air are exhausted into it.


The heat recovery units meet the requirements and regulations of the government and we have received certificates:

  • MD-B (č. 176/2008 Sb.)
  • LVD (č. 118/2016 Sb.)
  • ECM (č. 117/2016 Sb.)

Issued by Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s. p. Brno.