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Design and production of waste heat recovery unit

Return on investment calculations, recovery unit manufacture for ecologic solution and savings, installation, service and consultations.

Utilization of residual heat

Lowering temperature of the heated air that is released above the hall roof into the atmosphere

Clean air

Filtration in the recuperator captures solid particles and reduces emissions

Reducing gas dependency

Recuperation helps to reduce energy consumption and cost savings

Subsidies management

We cooperate with experts in subsidies segments. We will handle all paperwork for you to get a significant amount of your investment back.

Why choose Recutherm?

You will be taken care of

We take the responsibility not only for manufacturing the device as such but also for the installation in your company. Our service continues beyond the installation. We will be happy to provide you with a regular warranty and after-warranty service and consulting.

Return on investment

The device is made to measure so as to achieve a soonest return on investment possible.

Reliability and quality

Our waste heat recovery units are manufactured from parts of highest quality. Thus, the control system is based on premium components.


The heat recovery units meet the requirements and regulations of the government and we have received certificates:

  • MD-B (č. 176/2008 Sb.)
  • LVD (č. 118/2016 Sb.)
  • ECM (č. 117/2016 Sb.)

Issued by Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s. p. Brno.