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Analysis and measurement

Our team will gauge input parameters (mainly volume, humidity and temperature of the exhaust heat) directly at customer’s place. Afterwards an analysis of the measured values is created followed by selecting an appropriate type of the recovery unit – a suitable heat exchanger. On the basis of the energy potential balance of the exhaust heat we propose a most convenient solution for its recovery so as we achieved a maximal heat usage.

Return on investment calculation

We provide a theoretical return on investment calculation performed in cooperation with specialists in this field. Calculations are taken on the basis of previously measured values and on the basis of a preferred technical solution.

Recovery unit manufacture

Our recovery units are manufactured from parts of highest quality. Each recovery unit has its own specially programmed control software (developed by us) based on Simatic automation system of Siemens. This guarantees reliability and easy configurability of the system.

More information about the recovery unit.


The manufacture and subsequent integration into a customer’s technology takes approximately 2 months – depending on a selected type of the recovery unit. The installation itself takes 2-3 days including a staff training which can be handled in a period of a few hours.
Our waste heat recovery unit can be integrated without any intervention into your technology by means of a so-called bypass. The device is equipped with a number of special parts which permanently control the unit and keep your technology safe.

Subsidies management

We cooperate with experts in subsidies segments. We will handle all paperwork for you to get a significant amount of your investment back.

Warranty and after-warranty service

We will take care of you. Both before and after the installation. We provide regular warranty services, after-warranty services and consultations.